Cannabis-Related Disorders

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marijuana plant

Cannabis/marijuana/weed is the most commonly used and abused illegal drug. Despite changes in the laws in some areas to legalize marijuana for recreational use or medical use, it still remains illegal at a federal level. This means that people using marijuana where it is legal may still run a risk of being arrested on drug charges.

Despite being a more commonly used drug, marijuana use in teens and young people is lower than most people think. Only 7% of young people actually use marijuana on a monthly basis. The number that use it daily is drastically lower. Many teens think that marijuana isn’t addictive. This is not true. Marijuana addiction affects 4.2 million people. This is about 9% of those who use it.

Marijuana use is linked to many dangers and health concerns. Marijuana use is a culprit in many deadly accidents. When high, reaction time slows and the risk of a car accident increases. Marijuana use is also related to trouble at school and even lowered intelligence. Another dangerous side effect of marijuana use is hallucinations or panic attacks. Continued use may also lead to mental health problems. Also, researchers have learned that people who are already at risk for mental illness, may bring on an illness early by using marijuana. 

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