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Stigma Busting

Are There Families Like Mine?

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No two families are exactly the same, but there are many families that struggle with similar mental health conditions. In fact, one out of five people has a mental health condition and almost half of all people will have a mental health condition at some point in their life.

People with mental illness face stigma, which means they are treated badly, so many of them hide their conditions from others. So although you might not know that other families have the same struggles, it is almost a guarantee that they do. Families with members with mental health conditions are common. If you know at least 5 people, you probably know another person with one too!

Whose fault is mental illness?

Mental illness is nobody’s fault. It is a brain illness. No one knows for sure what causes any one person to develop a mental illness.

Myths and truths of mental illness

Myth Truth
Mental illness is contagious. No form of mental illness is known to be contagious.
People with mental illnesses are criminally insane. "Criminally insane" characters from movies and games you've played are fictional. People with a mental illness can commit a crime like anyone else.
People with mental illnesses are all homeless. Most people with mental illness live in their own homes. 
People with mental illnesses are less intelligent. People with mental illness are as smart as anyone else.
Going to a counselor means you're "crazy." Many people, including counselors, go to a counselor. It's a good way to cope with stress and talk about your problems.
Mental illness can't be treated. Mental illness can be treated. Counseling and medications both work very well.
People with mental illness lead unhappy lives.

People with mental illnesses can live happy, successful lives. Many famous, successful people, including celebrities and world leaders, have had a mental illness.

Mental illness is rare. Mental illness is super common! 1 out of 4 people have a mental illness right now. 1 out of 2 have one during their lives.

Actually, people who are the smartest might face a higher risk for mental illness

Famous People With Mental Illness

Many famous people have had different mental illnesses. Here is a list from MTV of just a few of the many with mental health conditions.

Below is a larger list of famous people who have been reported to have a mental illness:

Anxiety Disorders clickable box
Demi Lovato
Depressive Disorders clickable box
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Substance Abuse Disorders clickable box
Kid Cudi
Eating Disorders clickable box
Kendrick Lamar
Eating Disorders clickable box
JK Rowling
Eating Disorders clickable box
Drew Barrymore
Eating Disorders clickable box
Ryan Reynolds
Eating Disorders clickable box
Angelina Jolie
Eating Disorders clickable box
Colin Farrell
Eating Disorders clickable box
Russell Brand
Eating Disorders clickable box
Jason Mraz
Eating Disorders clickable box
Jack Harries
Eating Disorders clickable box
Robin Williams
Eating Disorders clickable box
Kurt Cobain
Eating Disorders clickable box
Abraham Lincoln
Eating Disorders clickable box
Vincent Van Gogh