Fatima: Depression

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Keerthi is seventeen years old and she has a younger sister named Fatima.

Fatima and Keerthi are super close, but lately Fatima has not been acting like herself. Normally, the sisters hang out everyday and are laughing all the time, until lately.

Fatima has been spending a lot of time in her room. She almost never leaves her room, not even to spend time with Keerthi. When Keerthi goes to Fatima’s room, Fatima is always laying in bed or sleeping. Fatima will get 12 hours of sleep and still say she is tired.

Fatima never wants to do anything. She used to run track now she says she doesn’t like it, she used to hangout with Keerthi now she never does, she used to love to cook and now she hardly cooks or eats, and she used to be a good student and now she does not study. Fatima says she does not have the energy to do those things anymore.

One day Keerthi heard crying coming from Fatima’s room, so she went inside. She asked Fatima what was wrong and Fatima said, “I’m so sad all the time and I don’t know why. I feel so numb,” .

Fatima has been showing signs of depression. She is feeling constant sadness and is losing interest in things she used to like to do.

After Keerthi’s talk with Fatima, Keerthi talked to her Mom about what Fatima said. Their Mom knew that Fatima needed help so she connected her with a therapist. Her therapist should teach her coping skills and give her medicine if she needs it to help her.