Jack: Vaping

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young boy vaping

Jack, a 12 year old, is starting middle school. Jack makes some friends on the first day. After a week of classes, Jack and his friend Mark hangout after school.

Jack goes to Mark's house. When Jack gets there, he sees Mark's brother, Daniel who is 17 years old. Daniel has a pen in his mouth. Jack is confused and asks Daniel why there is a pen in his mouth. Daniel says “I'm vaping”. Jack asks what that means and Daniel responds with “you wouldn’t know you’re just a kid.” Jack walks away and goes back to playing with Mark.

When Jack and Mark go inside after playing, Jack notices the same pen Daniel had on the table. Jack takes it and puts it in his mouth. After trying it, Jack takes the pen with him. Jack did not think much of it since he thought it was just a pen.

When Jack returns home, he explores the pen and notices that when he puts it in his mouth, he inhales some type of taste. Jack liked the taste and started doing it everyday. Over time, Jack cannot stop and continues to sneak some inside his home.

Jack is becoming addicted to vaping.