Sara: Social Anxiety

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Sara: Social Anxiety

distraught young woman

Sara is twelve and her mom has a social anxiety disorder. This disorder is also called SAD or social phobia. This means that her mom is scared to go out in public places or talk to strangers.

Often, Sara’s mom finds it difficult to go to the store with her. Sara likes to talk to strangers and make new friends which upsets her mother. Sometimes her mom will yell at her for “making everyone look at them.” Her mom can get really upset and need to leave the store before they are done shopping.

Sara’s mom wants to talk to Sara’s teachers because Sara hasn’t been doing well in school. Her mom is resistant because she is scared that the teachers will think she is a bad mom. Sara’s mom decided to see a therapist to talk about how she can face her fear when she goes to talk to Sara’s teachers or go to the store.

Sara likes to help her mom reach the goals the therapist sets. After her mom started seeing the therapist, she doesn’t yell at Sara as much for being friendly.