Tommy: Dad has ADHD

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Tommy: Dad has ADHD

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Tommy is 13 years old. Tommy’s dad has trouble focusing when he reads long stories or talks to Tommy in public places. Tommy’s dad has ADHD.

Often, ADHD makes it hard for Tommy’s dad to help him with homework from school. Tommy notices that his dad gets angry when he can’t focus or help him with homework. Tommy’s dad wants to help but isn’t good at it sometimes.

Tommy’s dad learned to use a stress ball to help him focus when he tries to help Tommy with his homework. Tommy’s dad also started taking medicine that a doctor gave him to help him focus. Tommy and his dad even came up with a plan when these things don’t work. They agreed to ask Tommy’s mom for help when his dad’s coping skills aren’t working. When Tommy’s mom is at work, Tommy’s dad takes him to a tutor to make sure Tommy gets help with his homework when he needs it.